Very early, photography made a tremendous impact on my life. Dad worked for Eastman Kodak - and some years the Christmas party included a multi-projector travel slide show. Growing up in the small town of Batesville, Arkansas - it was amazing to see such well executed images from all around the world back in the day when photography required specialized skill in lighting and chemical processes. Seeing all there enthralled with the photos, I recognized the power of visual communication and wanted to harness that power.
I read everything about photography I got my  hands on. and  realized photography is expensive and everyone wants to do it, even though few are sucessful. I turned to a 'normal' profession and went to school to become a mechanical engineer. Working at  TRW Vehicle Safety Systems - the world's largest manufacturer of seatbelt systems - I learned mechanical engineering was not for me.

         The USMC changes you permanently .  If you have not been there - This fact is beyond you. If so, - Semper Fi - there is no need to.  While stationed in Okinawa, Japan, I returned to my first love - got my first 'good' camera,  a Vivitar V2000, and helped financed a Fuji film plant learning the ropes.

        Enrollling in NYI's photography course in {1991}, I learned a lot and by year's end, shot cover assignments for "Okinawa Today", contributed to "Stars and Stripes", and worked as staff photographer on the USO "Exploring Okinawa" tour guide. Spending a great deal of time behind the camera that year, I made a lot of mistakes, but a lot of progress.

           Read a scanned letter sent home to my brothers from Japan in 1991.  The letter mentions some photography goals I accomplished and some goals should not have. One thing mentioned in the letter is a figure photo book. The book was completed Nov. 2008. This book should have NEVER been done and was profane.  Sorry Cpl Trujillo and Lcpl Tanner.


         I studied Mechanical engineering, mathematics, and music at the Univeristy of Arkansas. I studied  law while stationed in Okinawa in a class given by the University of Maryland while fighting the USMC for a conscientios objector's discharge. I learned very highly advanced and top secret microwave telecommunications electronics for two years with Uncle Sam and have studied commecial truck driving at Arkansas State University.  

         I don't  know if I use any of this expensive education but may use all of it. Regardless; Misplacing proper memories of my past due to my severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) is my most debilitating disability today. Living in Newark, Arkansas, I'm glad much of my photography remains so my grandaughter can eventually enjoy it online safely without using any type filtration on the common carrier for world-wide human communications the reader of this is using now though unsafe today..!

         I have severe brain damage and was once declared an incompetent by the court. I was not my own 'legal' guardian. My second wife cared for me for about three years after the wreck evidenced above. After five years and ten months, we decided to live separately. I appreciated her but can't remember being married. If we just met, we would probably not even talk.

           I once wrote MFA after my name attempting to return dignity to the three letters generally thought to mean Master of Fine Art in photography from some University after learning of Michael Peven. No school anywhere in the United States today is capable of being accredited in photography while teaching nakedness can be called N_DE and is not profane when used "artistically" like Michael Peven does.  


         Neeley  v 5 Federal Communications Commissioners, et al, (5:14-cv-5135) can be followed as was allegedly considered but was ignored by United States Court for the Western District of Arkansas thus far. This federal lawsuit demanded laws already passed by Congress be enforced and that the Copy[rite] Act of 1790 be recognized as the misspelling of the compound word made from copy and rite this has always been! This should have already been the most impacting litigation EVER done in the history of humanity. This should have resulted in recognition of broadcasting in the wire medium as 47 USC 153 (59) broadcasting and should have ended the utterly illegal open [sic] "internet" of pornography broadcasting by Wi-Fi radio and wire to the unknown public that includes children. Children, Chinese citizens, and Iranians should have finally be able to communicate safely regardless of politics, religion, moral standards, language, or physical location. The United States District Court ruling was dishonorable as were the Eighth Circuit excuse for an appeal.

       I call all United States Courts dishonorable in docket 14 compared to most courts in Europe and appealed to the Eighth Circuit. U.S. Courts dishonorably protected the existing free "porn-ter-net" even when adult artists attempt to protect children.

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     I was once a professional commercial photographer but now am a professional nothing! Read the sad details of how this happened HERE.